Friends 3x8

The One With The Giant Poking Device

Friends Full Season 3×8 Free Download 720p At the point when Chandler is going to purchase Janice a costly blessing, Joey discloses to him that he saw Janice kissing her ex. Chandler goes up against Janice and she concedes that she is confounded about what she ought to do and can’t picked between the two men. After much soul-looking and some exhortation from Joey, Chandler acknowledges he needs to release her back and attempt to make things work with her significant other. While Rachel is keeping an eye on, Monica coincidentally knocks his head into a post. The young ladies endeavor to conceal the knock under a cap however Ben continues saying “Monica blast.” When Ross finds the knock, he expect that it was Rachel’s blame, yet she rats out Monica. Ross then gets the chance to torment her by imagining Ben is truly harmed. Phoebe is persuaded that she is reviled in light of the fact that each time she goes to the dental specialist, somebody around her passes on. After she is compelled to go to the dental specialist, she calls everybody she knows and they are all alive. Revolting Naked Guy, be that as it may, has been lying similarly situated without moving throughout the day. The companions entwine a group of chopsticks into a monster jabbing gadget that they use to goad Ugly Naked Guy. He ends up being alive and not extremely glad about being jabbed.

Nov. 14, 1996

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